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About me

My name is Joey-Jazz Bakermans. I'm 23 years old and a second year student Liberal Arts & Sciences in Utrecht. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, I speak Dutch and English fluently.


My website used to be an art portfolio, but these past few years I've been organizing events more & more. Eventually I decided it was time to turn my passion for coordination and organisation into a (small) business, which lead to me redesigning my website. This way, it is easier for future clients or employers to see what I've been up to & which services I can assist you with!  

I grew up surrounded by music. That is where my interest in the Arts begun. I started playing guitar & singing when I was twelve and never stopped since. The first few songs that I wrote were absolute trash and I never thought I would be able to write a good one. Luckily, practice makes perfect -okay, no, it makes decent- and now I very much enjoy writing lyrics.

In 2020 I began at the Fine Arts Academy in Maastricht. I experimented with various media and my skillset has improved. I decided to end my studies at the Art Academy because I wanted to explore other paths, but this has not lessened my passion for art, of course! Digital Art, painting, directing and video editing are all things I have developed quite a liking for. I hope to continue my artistic journey for a long time, in- or outside of Art School. 

What I've been up to, creatively

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